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National Guard Benefits

Unique 1,500-Years-Old Ancient Shaman Statue Discovered Guarding An Underground Burial Chamber - Shamans played a very important role in ancient Mexico. It was believed shamans, through rituals and specials ceremonies, shamans could intervene magically in the supernatural world and restore order, benefiting the entire community


Texas and Mississippi National Guard refuse to process gay couples benefits despite Pentagon directive


Republicans in Oklahoma punish all National Guard married couples to avoid providing benefits to same-sex couples. It is more important for the GOP to show its hatred and bigotry in denying equal rights for all people rather than take care of veterans and their families. Vidictive backlash - OK dropped spousal benefits for ALL couples, `cause there might be one or two gay couples who'd benefit too. So much hate


153D UH-60 Black Hawk Pilot. Pilot, navigate, communicate. Operate aircraft in all weather conditions. Reconnaissance.


Oklahoma Drops National Guard Benefits For All Couples To Avoid Serving Same-Sex Couples Damn.


Florida National Guard to give full benefits to same-sex married couples, despite state marriage law

USA, Louisiana: State is Third to Deny Benefits to National Guard’s Gay/Lesbian Soldiers


Gay military group: Texas Military Forces still denies benefits to same-sex National Guard couples

USA, Texas: National Guard Won’t Process Benefit Requests for Same Sex Couples


South Carolina National Guard changes benefit applications to federal offices due to equal marriage ban