I Just Lost All Faith in Our Deeply Corrupt Legal System and in the Rule of Law in the United States

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George Takei: They interned my family. Don’t let them do it to Muslims.

Nov. 18, 2016 - WashingtonPost.com - George Takei: They interned my family. Don't let them do it to Muslims


Want these election updates emailed to you right when they’re published? Sign up here. A series of national polls released on Tuesday showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by margins ranging …


Report: Majority Arrested in Portland Anti-Trump Protests Didn't Vote » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


You may be surprised to learn that the words "Separation of Church and State" DO NOT appear in the First Amendment or anywhere else in the Constitution! GOT THAT? Yet, a recent national poll showed that 69% of Americans believe that the First Amendment says For more, go to: http://www.schoolprayerinamerica.info/1separationchurchstate.html http://www.ligonier.org/learn/series/church_and_state/established-religion


Two national polls released late in the week confirmed the public widely recognizes the news media’s agenda in favor of Hillary Clinton and decidedly against Donald Trump, a reality documented in a NewsBusters study earlier in the week. “By nearly 10-1, all those surveyed say the news media, including major newspapers and TV stations, would like to see Clinton rather than Trump elected,” Susan Page and Karina Shedrofsky reported deep into a Thursday USA Today.

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2 National Polls Have Big Surprise for Hillary - Tea Party News

2 National Polls Have Big Surprise for Hillary http://www.teaparty.org/2-national-polls-big-surprise-hillary-197469/#.WCCrdIQlaTE.twitter

New national polls released Sunday showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump as the race tightened two days before Election Day.

Former Secretary of State Harry Kissinger is blown away after meeting with Donald Trump .. 21NOV2016 ** VIDEO **

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