'Disgrace': Donald Trump rips national Republican Party after getting booed at debate

Property magnate Donald Trump fired a warning shot at the national Republican Party on Monday...

Mrs. James Rector, Mary Dubrow, Alice Paul (members of the National Woman's Party) picket the Republican Convention of 1920 for its refusal to support the Susan B. Anthony Amendment. The women's protest sign displays a quotation from Susan B. Anthony: "No self-respecting woman should wish or work for a party that ignores her sex".

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The money will be doled out by a network of 17 organizations funded by industrialists Charles and David Koch, who have become a major force in conservative politics in recent years, and other wealthy donors. The network raised $407 million for the 2012 campaign. During the 2012 election cycle, the national Republican Party collectively spent about $675 million, according to election data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. The Post said the $889 million would be spent on field…

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WASHINGTON -- New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie slammed the national Republican Party Monday night, telling a group of CEOs that the GOP's electoral woes stem from "bad decision-making and a loss of courage."

Mary Church Terrell, (1863 – 1954), daughter of former slaves, was one of the first black women to earn a college degree. She became an activist who led several important associations, including the National Association of Colored Women, and worked for civil rights and suffrage. Active in the Republican Party, she was president of the Women's Republican League during W. G. Harding's 1920 presidential campaign and the first election in which all American women were given the right to vote.

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