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This is the MOST Talented Music People in the WORLD. ALL RESPECT To all Native American Indians who have Suffer in This World and for Your History. USA IS YO...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Thanksgiving Music- The Native American Song of Thanks Sheet Music

This song is called, "The Native American Song of Thanks," and it is well suited for students ages Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Each year my students have loved creating their own motions for this song. It has also been performed with students playing homemade drums and other instruments keeping beat to their singing of the music.


Thanks for watching! Remember, we can not exist without the sun, so protect the world where you live. You're only a guest on''''mother nature! Thank to all people that watch these song and write there comments down THANK'S TO A WATCHER THE SONG IS FROM WALELA!,


Native American Music (Rain dance) This video has real footage of the Sioux back when we first had film. I had to pay 50 pounds for that tiny bit of footage but well worth it .


Here are 3 traditional Cherokee songs . These songs are powerful and good medicine , always exerting a healing and medicinal spirit when sung in a good way, especially the Cherokee water and morning songs.