Native american surnames

The 'Brass Ankles', an ethnic group of South Carolina"were a "tri-racial isolate" group who lived in the area of Orangeburg County, Berkeley County and Charleston County from the early 1800s to the mid 1900s. They were a mixture of African, Native American and European descent. Common surnames were Russell, Jackson, Driggers, Goins, Bunch, Sweat and Weatherford. (Varner, Clark and Burbage are also common surnames as noted in comments below)

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Girl Tempest Bronte (thunder) Thora (godess of thunder) Taima (peal of thunder) Ara (brings rain) Jorah (first rain) Rain Tulia ... which refers to a heavy rain or downpour Taima ... "Peal of thunder." Jorah ... "First rain or autumn rain." Chac - boy - Mayan - got of rain and thunder Daveren - boy - dutch - success, thunder

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Tracing the genealogy of African Americans and Native Americans is a difficult process. Enslaved Africans were renamed by slaveholders and surnames were infrequently used until after the war. Historical records, such as censuses, did not record the names of enslaved blacks before the American Civil War. Some major slaveholders kept extensive records which historians and genealogists have used to create family trees, but generally researchers find it difficult to trace families before the…

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Sacajawea helped Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explore the West. Without Sacajawea, the Indians would probably have killed Lewis and Clark. Sacajawea talked to the people of other tribes so that they would let them cross their territory.

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The late Wilma Mankiller is one of my Cherokee heroes. She was the first modern woman chief of the Oklahoma Cherokees, a dedicated person, and a writer of several non-fiction books.

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