Find out which are the top 5 dangerous chemicals in your baby's products and how you can avoid them! I also name the #1 brand for natural baby products that I recommend for all new moms and moms-to-be.

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Wondering about umbilical cord care? Alcohol is no longer recommended to care for the stump. Find out some natural alternatives that are…

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Is your baby or toddler having teething woes? Take a look at Why I use an Amber Teething Necklace as well as why Amber is so very essential for your teething baby or toddler.

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THE BEST organic wooden teething toys and rings that are handmade in California! We found TeetherToys on Etsy and LOVE that they use all natural materials and organic cotton thread. They soothe gums but also are great developmental toys (even suitable for preemies/premature babies!). So cool.

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Want to raise a natural baby? There are lots of decisions to make. Find out which routine newborn procedures are needed, and which you can skip.

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