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I truly love talking about natural hair and decided to bring my love of blogging to Facebook. I started this page a couple of days ago and it’s so very different from what I do here and…

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Black Women

While some black women are wondering what they are wearing to work tomorrow, some black  women are pondering should they wear their natural hair in the workplace. In a society that looks down …

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Don’t Touch my Hair

The most offensive thing you could do to a natural is walk up to them and touch their hair.  I have had random strangers walk up to me and stretch out their hand toward my head and I step back…

I recently went to a hair event in West Palm Beach and I was so amazed at how many vendors there were in the building. There were vendors selling oils, co-washes, gels, natural hair tshirts and mor…

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Carols Daughter Hair Milk

I’ve found through my trying different products no matter how they make my hair feel, they have never made it feel like Carols Daughter Hair Milk. I started using this product when I first di…

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The Best Natural Hair Blogs You Should Be Reading

The Best Natural Hair Blogs You Should Be Reading #refinery29 My Fro & IAisha is a young Tanzanian woman living in South Africa who is documenting her personal natural hair journey for all of the Interweb to see and read. On top of sharing hair tutorials and favorite product reccs, she also speaks about topics like whether natural hair is harder to manage than rela...

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Natural Hair Care


This braided ponytail is so beautiful @mlkendeck ❤️#voiceofhair ========================== Go to ========================= Find hairstyles and hair tips! =========================