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Natural treatments for depression: The following list provides you with all natural ways of combating depression. From vitamins to colors and scents are very powerful ways of dealing with ongoing depression. Here you will learn about inexpensive techniques to use in the comfort of your own home.

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High Protein Foods List for Vegetarians ~ this is great even if you're not a vegetarian.
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Maca Cinnamon shots. Looking for something fun, creative and alcohol free this weekend? Try these Young and Raw Maca Cinnamon Shots! Maca is a root, and you can usually you can find it in powder form at your health food store. Maca is a libido booster, mood booster and and an energy enhancer!

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A Natural Fit – Martek Food Systems Creates Profitable Bulk Dispensing Opportunity for Organic and Health Food Shops « Food and Drink News

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My family has come to have an appreciation for my homemade tinctures, and my husband will request that I overnight one of my homemade tinctures to him when he’s traveling rather than simply finding a local health food store. What I’ve found is while store bought tinctures work well, there’s simply no comparison to the ones made here in our kitchen.

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Vegetables To Improve Dog Health.. NOT baby carrots. They can be life threatening go see this link to find out why even humans should not eat them..

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Alkaline diet guide - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

Is an Alkaline Diet the Key to Longevity?

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The Hot New NYC Restaurant Trend That Foodies Are Freaking Over!

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