Natural homemade wedding decor

Enchanted Garden Wedding Theme | When considering colour's for your theme, try and keep them natural ...

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How to make homemade DIY candles. A gift that family and friends will love. And they're easier than you think to make!

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Nothing ruins a summer BBQ or picnic like an invasion of mosquitos. For an all-natural way to get mosquitos off the guest list at your next outdoor gathering try this simple Mosquito Repellant Mason Jar. The active ingredient is Lemon Eucalyptus Oil which...

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This is the best way to preserve the beauty and fragrance of a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses. Drying them make them great embellishments for cards, confetti for weddings and bridal showers, and potpourri.

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You want to add at least 8 drops of essential oil for each cup of plant material you're using. Two cups of dried flowers = 16 drops of essential oils. Once you've added the oils to the potpourri, place it into a plastic sealable baggie or a jar with a lid and let it soak in for a few days. Place it in a bowl; the scent will last for a few weeks before you need to replenish it. #potpourri

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Inspiration for making your own hot chocolate wedding favours: eco-chic spoons for stirring or jars of homemade cocoa mix

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Make your own 50-hour candles for less than 2 dollars a piece. - what a great idea!

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These homemade soy candles are a breeze to make and will burn for longer than regular, store-bought ones. Plus, you can customize the strength of the smell by adjusting the amount of essential oils you put into the wax. Get the tutorial at Live Simply. -

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