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This is a picture of a naturally-occurring Bismuth crystal. They are amazing and have awesome commercial and pharmaceutical benefits… but not for your skin. Many makeup companies use a derivative of this ore in their cosmetics because it has that beautiful iridescence to it. They advertise the benefits of “natural” ingredients in mineral makeup. Well arsenic is natural too, and Bismuth Oxychloride has a very similar chemical structure to arsenic! This ingredient is a by-product of copper and…


The Grounds Florals by Silva // "Silva has been in the floral industry for 12 years, with a focus in Sydney. Her company, Florals by Silva source all their plants & flowers directly from Sydney farms. When asked about her inspirations, Silva emphasis her love for the customer's experience in her company; “It’s all about the experience a customer receives when they walk into my store; but aesthetically, I’m inspired by organic materials, textures and nature as well as the seasonal fragrance…

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Veszelyite crystals

Veszelyite crystals More

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Conheça os 30 minérios mais bonitos encontrados na natureza

Blue Halite with minor Sylvite

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A source of inspiration

Heart nebula. To Gina B. From your Pinterests, You've shown your Soul. Our grounded Souls have echoes in Space. This is how I'd imagine your Space Soul to be...


BURGER - A1088033 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 09/07/16 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: Burger got a “Hi Five” on his behavioral evaluation ! Indeed, he is a friendly and social butterfly enjoying the company of people and dogs alike. Yet, life has not be clement to this youngster who came to us skinny, with long nails, and a chocolate and vanilla coat sprinkled with sores. Nothing of that, though, takes away from his natural beauty. He is


Simple is the order of things to come and how they should be for pure existence sake.

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Photo Issue 2011: Jeanne Gang At Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo

Will have to visit this the next time I'm in town! Nature Boardwalk @ Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, by Jeanne Gang

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10 Plants That Keep the Mosquitos Away

You love spending time outside in your yard, but not so much with mosquitos for company. Bug spray helps, but there are also a bunch of plants that act as a natural bug repellant that’ll keep those pests from buzzing around. Head over to eBay and discover ten plants that keep mosquitos away and smell wonderful.