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AMAZINGLY THOROUGH summaries of how the first 13 Colonies became states including major events and key players

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**FREE** Navigation Acts PowerPoint and graphic organizers! Visually appealing and easy to understand for your middle school students! Download your copy today!

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Mind Leap a site dedicated to helping parents and teachers easily find and select educational apps for kids. Mind Leap acts as a clearinghouse for educational apps, organizing them by grade level (PK-Middle School) and subject for easy navigation, and only includes reviews of apps that are truly educational.

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Navigation Acts (1651–1733) -

This pin is displaying the English ships that were used in the Navigation Acts of 1651 that the English Parliament passed. The purpose of these Acts were so England could benefit off of trade, rather than the Dutch who ruled the sea trade. This helped the English economy because basically the only ships that were allowed to trade with England had to be English ships. These Acts eliminated Dutch trade and allowed for England's economy to move towards mercantilism.

This lesson will cover the British Navigation Acts of 1651. We will lay out the main provisions of the Acts, discuss their background and purpose,...

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