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The incredible Nancy Wake. She was a powerful WWII Nazi hunter and member of the French resistance. At one point she was #1 most wanted and most-hated by the Nazis. They called her "The White Mouse" because she always escaped them. Read about her--she is fascinating!


The Nazi Hunter: Remarkable story of the Jewish refugee responsible for tracking down the Auschwitz commandant who slaughtered 3million people

Nazi hunter: Hanns Alexander, a Jewish refugee serving in the British Army, captured Rudolph Hoss


Over the time of Wiesenthal's great career as a Nazi hunter he received multiple medals. These medals include the U.S. Congressional medal, Presidential Medal of Freedom, French Legion of Honor, Great Medal of Merit, Erasmus Prize, and in 2004 he was named an honorary knight by Queen Elizabeth of England


Nazi Capturted in US Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan-Former guard at the Majdanek Ravensbruck concentration camps. Then moved to the US in 1959 became a citizen, after marrying an American. She settled in Queens until 1964 when a tip by Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal to the NY Times led to her exposure. In 1973, she became the first Nazi war criminal extradited from the US to WGermany. She went through multiple criminal trials and was eventually sentenced to life in prison in 1981.


Simon Weisenthal, Holocaust survivor and Nazi war criminal hunter. He began collecting stamps in 1948, in order to combat his insomnia.


The world’s most wanted Nazis – Alois Brunner. Alois Brunner is the Weisenthal Centre’s most wanted Nazi. He was once top aide to Adolf Eichman and allegedly helped to organize the deportation of almost 130,000 Jews from Austria, Greece, France and Slovakia to Nazi death camps. The Wiesenthal Centre says that Brunner may be deceased, as he was last seen in 2001. He took refuge in Syria after World War II.