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Watch 2015 NBA Draft Prospects Who've Never Seen 'Hoosiers' - - Watch 2015 NBA Draft Prospects Who've Never Seen 'Hoosiers. That's right. Your ass is getting old. No denying it now. #Basketball #NBA #NBADraft #Draft2015 #NBADraft2k15 #Hoosiers #GloryRoad #Trillmatic #TrillTimes

In 2009 there was a pre-draft scouting report done by a former NBA coach on a certain basketball player and he listed all of this player's "perceived weaknesses." The report included: Not a true point guard out of control at times limited upside average size rail frame average athleticism. These were all terms to describe Stephen Curry. One commentator on the report said if you look back on Steph Curry and if you liked him you saw a glimpse of what he could become. There are moments when…


The top 30 NBA draft prospects, ranked

As the NBA Draft combine begins, here's our list of the top 30 prospects.

Lonzo Ball’s unique talent makes him a top 2017 NBA Draft prospect = An argument could be made that there are at least six legitimate contenders for the top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, and UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball might be the most intriguing of them all. Ball just finished.....

Grant Hill was drafted by the Detroit Pistons with the third pick in the NBA Draft after graduating from Duke in 1994. He entered the league to high expectations, where many expected him to be the future face of the league in a time when Michael Jordan was retired. His career was derailed by devastating injuries, Grant Hill was an athletic point-forward that was an excellent defender.