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I just so happened to have an old vase that perfectly fit the toilet brush. However, if you don't have one that fits - just measure the diameter of your brush and head to the nearest Hobby Lobby (that's where I got mine) or thrift store. It's so easy and looks a million times better.


Why pay for expensive make up brushes when you can buy these beautiful brushes for a fraction of the cost on sale at your nearest Hobby Lobby???


I love the knobs on this necklace holder. AND I love Google! Bummer that the nearest Hobby Lobby is 62 miles away!

Duck Tape can go a LONG way! Can be found at your nearest Michaels, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, etc. This is a great quick way to bring an old pair of shoes back to life in less that 3 minutes. Enjoy!

Roughly 256,000 candles sold exclusively at Hobby Lobby are being recalled over a fire hazard concern. According to the Consumer Product  Safety Commission the DD brand candles’ high flame can ignite the surface of the wax and possibly start a fire. The candles should be returned to the nearest Hobby Lobby for a full refund...

from Hobby Lobby

Silver Glitz Curl Grass Bush

Hobby Lobby is the place to go! I was also pleasantly surprized to find out they did an ad for Easter "advertising" Jesus Christ...the true reason we celebrate Easter. Our Lord is alive...reason to hope!