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From Hoops to Scoops: Napa Valley’s Best Playgrounds (and Nearest Ice Cream Shops

From Hoops to Scoops: Napa Valley’s Best Playgrounds (and Nearest Ice Cream Shops)

Prescoop your ice cream into cupcake liners and store in the freezer, ready for the crowd (and avoid having to strong-arm the nearest 'volunteer' of the moment). #Ice_Cream #Prescoop _Ice_Cream #2makeendsmeet


Imagine hearing a voice in your head that criticizes you over and over about your failures. How does that make you feel? Probably doubtful about your ability to succeed which leads to hopelessness and to the nearest ice cream shop. Now imagine that this time that you will be successful in ending this cycle of negative self talk. I share how in my blog! #LizJosefsberg #WordsOfLizdom


Whenever my family and I rode in the car together I would always practice my reading by reading the street signs aloud to everyone. I remember the first one I ever read, my mom was so proud of me that we stopped at the nearest ice cream parlor and she let me get my favorite ice cream. From then on I would read every sign I saw hoping she would get that same excitement and take me to get ice cream again.

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Margot Robbie goes into PDA overdrive with boyfriend Tom Ackerley

Can't keep their hands off each other: The loved-up pair quickly strolled along to the nearest ice cream parlour to enjoy their romantic day out