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Vincent Willem van Gogh, The Postman Roulin, 1889

Top 40+ questions to ask before embarking on any change

Top 40+ questions to ask before embarking on any change

Top 40+ questions to ask before embarking on any change


TurboExpress (1990) My brother and I bought this state-of-the-art piece of gaming when we probably shouldn't have. I believe it was $300 at the time and we only owned Keith Courage and Aero Blasters (stupid hard). I liked what the Turbo Express was capable of, but I just couldn't get into it's library of games, could of been the marketing or lack thereof, but we had limited resources that I preferred to spend on my SNES games.


A George Ohr Unglazed Ceramic Vase, c. 1899-1906, crimped around the neck, signed �G.E. Ohr� in sgraffito, height 7 3/8 in.,


What Do Artists Do All Day? March 12, 2013 Documentary New Series on BBC 4 8pm Tuesday 19th March 2013 “The first in the series paints an intimate portrait of one of Britain’s finest landscape artist, Norman Ackroyd. Beginning with his morning bowl of porridge, we spend a day with him in his south London studio as he makes one of his trademark monochrome prints.


MadDesigns: What's on your beading board?


I've changed the banner slogan from "Je suis the soliel du monde" to what was actually a frequently used slogan of Louis XIV: "Nec pluribus impar," which roughly translates to "not unequal to the power of many suns' illumination and influence over the cosmos". I'm not entirely certain that I will include this detail on the finished model. apparently the placement here, beneath the chase ports, would be very vulnerable to the following sea.

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some folks really tend to forget this...your bitching and complaining is really getting tiresome. if you don't like what's going on in your life, change it and quit setting the mood for those around you.


11 Super Simple Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

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