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Needles bark

Pine Needle Powder

Pine needles have long been used as a traditional health-promoting medicinal food because they exhibit strong antioxidant, antimutagenic, and antiproliferative effects on cancer cells and also antitumor effects in vivo and point to their potential usefulness in cancer prevention. They are loaded with Vitamin C. Pine bark contains an antioxidant called Pycnogenol that not only helps the body to assimilate Vitamin C but also aids in heart health

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That's why Layla barks! Lol

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White pine survival uses: Resin can be heated and mixed with crushed charcoal to make a natural epoxy Make pine-needle tea from the green pine needles – very rich in Vitamin C Inner bark layers are edible Harvest pine nuts from the pine cones Candles and lamps can be made from pine resin and it can be used to waterproof seams in clothing or crude containers The very pliable surface layer roots make excellent (and strong) natural cordage.

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Needle felted mobile Waldorf inspired art doll fall fairy on bark

But a smell shivered him awake. It was a scent as old as the world. It was a hundred aromas of a thousand places. It was the tang of pine needles. It was the musk of sex. It was the muscular rot of mushrooms. It was the spice of oak. Meaty and redolent of soil and bark and herb. It was bats and husks and burrows and moss.. It poured like oil from between the tall trees and flowed across dark sandy dirt. ~ Stephen M. Irwin, (illustration of Greenman)

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white chocolate Christmas tree bark

Peppermint white chocolate Christmas tree bark is all you need ever. And some gifts. And some spirit. And maybe hot cocoa. Given how well my snowman chocolate bark, I thought I’d give you another idea: Christmas tree bark. Because I heart Christmas trees, in all their needle-shedding glory. The day after Thanksgiving we go...Read More »

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Needle felted Great Dane sculpture

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The Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Wilderness / Survival Food 1. Acorn from Oak: The entire nut is edible and they're easy to stockpile. 2. Pine: The nuts and inner bark of the tree are edible. You can also make pine needle tea. 3. Cattail: This is one of best options out there. The base stalk is like celery, the root and tuber can make flour, and the pollen is very healthy. 4. Grass The corm (aka the base) is starchy, but edible and filled with water and carbohydrates.