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Tomb of Nefertari - The first chief queen of Ramesses the Great -- Nefertari means "Beautiful Companion" National Geographic / qw


Gorgeous ceiling in Queen Nefertari's tomb in Egypt's 'Valley of the Queens'. It was discovered by Ernesto Schiaparelli (the director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin) in 1904. It is called the Sistine Chapel of Ancient Egypt. This astronomical ceiling represents the heavens and is painted in dark blue, with a myriad of golden five-pointed stars. Nefertari was the favorite Queen of Ramses II.


Findings from a radar scan of Tutankhamun's tomb will be a crucial step in resolving one of ancient Egypt's biggest enigmas.


Nefertiti, Great Royal Wife and Queen of Egypt Ruled ca. 1348-1330 B.C. Tuesday, July 16, 2013 (bpk, Berlin/ Aegyptisches Museum, Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany / Art Resource, NY)A bust of Queen Nefertiti ca. 1350 B.C. (top). The queen, her husband Akhenaten, and their daughters are portrayed (above) on a stone relief.