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What fears inspire your worst Character Flaws? The seven chief features of ego, a dominant negative attitude are: a defensive and potentially destructive pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. We all have at least one. We create it during adolescence, and thereafter it manifests as a lifelong character flaw or personality defect unless to work to overcome it.


Edit: Hey everyone. There's been a lot of disagreement in how I chose to categorize these traits, but I hope you all noticed at the bottom that I stuck in a mini disclaimer: By no means are all tra...


A list of both positive character traits and negative character traits - both provided in color and black & white. Enjoy!See how I use this resource for student birthdays at this blog post.*******************************************************************Connect with me to see my products in action:Teaching Maddeness BlogTeacher's Clubhouse on FacebookAmanda's InstagramAmanda on Pinterest*******************************************************************By downloading a file, you are ag...