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10 Ways to Untwist Your Stinking Thinking- We have the capacity to upset our- selves when we engage in negative self-talk. Further, we tend to pay attention to our faults, blow them out of proportion, and begin the vicious cycle of overgeneralizing one event to our entire lives. We consequently feel dreadful and become depressed and even less functional. The habit of believing an irrational thought and allowing it to affect our feelings and our functioning is a bad habit that can be…


Learn how to identify and stop negative self-talk using a writing exercise. Plus replace negative thoughts about yourself with positive affirmations instead.

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4 Way to Stop Negative Self-Talk

4 Way to Stop Negative Self-Talk - pinned by Private Practice from the Inside Out at

The most uplifting infographic youll ever read. Bye, negative thoughts!
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This Infographic Teaches You to How to Stop Negative Thoughts

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Decluttering Negative Self Talk

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I could never do that?" We often put ourselves in boxes and don't venture beyond the walls we have placed around ourselves. Here's my story on how I decided to climb out of one box that I put myself in. What box do you need to climb out of?