Negative times positive

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I love this! I think I will incorporate this into a lesson on positive- negative space! Working within a 6-x-6-inch square, create compositions using a single letter form. Examine the forms and counter forms of the letter. Isolate just enough of each letter to hint at its identity. Strike a balance between positive and negative space. Create six or more compositions.

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One of the best presentations on the subject. "Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but THE COMPANION OF FOOLS WILL SUFFER HARM," Proverbs 13:20.

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I want to try this pattern some day. So many patterns, so much beautiful fabric and way too little time.

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#quotes #wisewords Self hate. Self attacks. Depression. Self compassion. One good exercise to do during an attack, or at anytime, is to softly and deeply breath in compassion and kindness. This often brings tears which is good. It's like ice melting which softens the harshness. Underneath the ice is an innocent and happy human being that have just experienced many difficult times.

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PIN IT: Deepak Chopra's Daily Checklist to End Anxiety || Keep a simple daily log to track the positive things you did to relieve your anxiety. It's also good to record the negative things. Rather than keeping a full-fledged journal, which most people can't find the time to sustain after a few weeks or months, make your log a simple check list, ticking off what went right and what went wrong.

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Hans Richter – Scroll Painting – Orchestration- Positive Negative Relationships- Time

Tracing Shadows - New York Times article on Ellis G., who creates street art fromshadows.

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