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Neo Liberal

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You Are Triggering me! The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma

The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma (I like some part of the article and I am very much in favour of Trigger Warnings to protect people who have been traumatized)


Shock Doctrine seeks to privatize for profiteering, debt is the problem, selling off a nation's assets the "solution", predatory or disaster capitalism aka neoliberalism...


Progressive ex-democrats should vote for Jill Stein and rational ex-republicans should vote for Gary Johnson. They have no real chance but we need to show the corrupt party establishment that 3rd party candidates ARE a viable option and must be included in the debates & ballots in all 50 states! You don't have to settle for a Neo-Fascist or a Neo-Liberal!


A half-century after the events in my novel "Daffodil Sunrise," the battle's far from over. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...


"From the Personal Is Political to the Personal is Personal: Neo-Liberalism and the Defanging of Feminism." Gail Dines, professor of sociology and women's studies at Wheelock College, and author of Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality, explores how mainstream feminism has lost its way by fighting for the individual rights of a small group of elite white women instead of the collective liberation of all women.