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6 Retro Neon Styles for Illustrator. Download here:
from GraphicRiver

6 Retro Neon Styles

6 Retro Neon Styles for Illustrator. Download here:

from Fitzroy Boutique

Valentines inspiration that won't make you barf.

“Ruthless People” by Chris Benz This vintage neon pink telephone is from the collection culled together by eBay’s curator Chris Benz. The designer writes about his inspiration, the film “Ruthless...

from Fashion Gone Rogue

Du Juan by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro China October 2010

I have to find neon lights and a smoke machine. But I love this Bladerunner cyberpunk style. I was thinking you + this + another male model to create a narrative.


The Signalnoise print universe continues to grow, but this time we’re shifting away from pop culture to the neon-infused era of the vibrant 1980s. Get ready for pinks, glows, grids and sunsets as we introduce The Overdrive Series. - See more at: http://bl


This is basically my life as a teenager summed up into one picture! The boom box turned all the way up, and the style is totally sweet! Trendies are going to LOVE this! -Jenna

from Complex

The 80 Greatest '80s Fashion Trends

Neon colors were so huge in the 1980s because the major theme of the fashion style of that time was standing out. Neon did an excellent job at achieving that goal. These bright colors were very successful in helping people make bold fashion statements. This was really the goal in most of the fashion choices made in that decade--to stand out and be bold.