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Sikarni - Nepali Style Whipped Yogurt with Cardamom

Sikarni - Nepali Style Whipped Yogurt with Cardamom - simple, easy dessert!


Dates and Nuts Kheer / Sugar Free Dessert

Indian festivals and no desserts? Not possible. Dessert is a must to celebrate any festival . But nowadays, because of our hectic schedule, we get very less time to exercise, So, we have to keep control on what we eat. And especially if you are on sugar free diet, then you have to think think twice. There are many sugar substitutes, available in market nowadays but they have side effects too. What if you can manage the desserts without any added sugar and with health benefits too? Today, on…


Roti Nepalese Recipe. This is the most common food of our Bhutanese ladies. They give them to us at weddings and all other occasions. They eat roti every day, it seems. Yummy, but usually very greasy.


Tibetan Rice Pudding

TIBETAN RICE PUDDING - Jasmine rice gives this rich pudding a thick, smooth texture.


Bhuna Chicken Recipe is the famous Indian chicken dish, cooked in fresh fragrance of ginger, garlic and Bhuna Masala.


Pori Urundai

Pori Urundai - An Indian version of rice krispie treats made from puffed rice, jaggery and flavored with cardamom, dry ginger. It is comparatively healthier and naturally vegan too.