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Nerd In Spanish

Reminds me of that time I was doing Kahoot in Spanish and all of my names on there were Sammy's nicknames and since I always got top 5, my teacher had to ask who Moose was.

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Yellow Journalism- MAD LIBS

Students will work in partners to complete the Yellow Journalism story of the USS Maine explosion. This is quick & fun Mad Lib style activity is meant to show how inaccurate Yellow Journalism was at the time. My students loved this. I left it in an editable format.Key Words: Spanish American War; Yellow Journalism; USS Maine; American Imperialism

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"Eres Mía" & SER and Description

Activities to practice the verb SER and description to accompany the popular song "Eres Mía" by Romeo Santos.

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AP Spanish Poster

This poster presents the Families and Communities (Las Familias y las Comunidades) theme for the AP Spanish and Language course. It outlines the subthemes and essential questions for this topic. The AP Spanish Language and Culture themes were developed by AP College Board.You are paying for ONE printable poster as shown in the thumbnail.

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Spanish American War Document Analysis Timeline

This Spanish American War Document Analysis Timeline is an incredible way to integrate CCSS strategies, cooperative learning, primary source analysis, and sequencing in your class! Students are provided a set of pictures, newspaper excepts, and other primary sources and must perform various tasks and match them to a timeline. Great for your US History class!


“Shiro - Japanese; Hunk - Hawaiian; Keith - Korean; Lance - Spanish ” This might be inaccurate because I used google translate for these, but this idea’s been bugging me for a while so I had a need to...