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Sometimes wrist and hand pain come from thoracic outlet syndrome. We can test for it with a nerve tension test (shown in this graphic). If you want to learn how to evaluate the nerves, this DVD Nerve Mobilization teaches that.


Pinner says: Turmeric has definitely helped to ease the nerve pain plus-it has a whole host of other benefits. (up to 35 percent of neuropathies are a mystery and undiagnosed.) Trying this.

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When gluten causes nerve damage

If you suffer from a sensitivity to gluten, you can fall victim to neuropathy – nerve damage that can produce pain, tingling, weakness and numbness.


Forearm based radial nerve splint provides digit and thumb MP extension and forearm and wrist support associated with digit, hand and wrist weakness/paralysis secondary to radial nerve palsy. The dynamic, low-profile design results in a functional, cosmetically pleasing splint that positions the hand open and ready to use for activities of daily living. Specify left or right hand. W-711 Dorsal View


Essential oils for Neuralgia and Neuropathy Neuralgia: Recurrent pain along a nerve pathway, without any nerve damage or inflammation. Neuropathy: Damage to peripheral nerves (other than spinal or those in the brain), generally starts as tingling in hands and feet and slowly spreads. Possible contributing factors: Diabetes, alcoholism, Vitamin B12 deficiency, tumors, too many pain killers, exposure and absorption of chemicals, metals and/or pesticides. Suggested essential oils for…