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Vagus Nerve Damage Symptoms

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Vagus Nerve Disorders

Vagus nerve disorders are the problems caused to the 10th cranial nerve. In this article, we will discuss the nerve damage symptoms and therapy, used for relieving this condition.

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Outline of a body with shaded lines showing the location of nerves affected by peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral nerves are in the toes, feet, legs, hands, and arms.

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Chemo therapy often causes Peripheral Neuropathy. The use of B vitamins can help lessen the painful effects of neuropathy.

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Femoral nerve damageThe femoral nerve is located in the leg and supplies the muscles that assist help straighten the leg. It supplies sensation to the front of the thigh and part of the lower leg. One risk of damage to the femoral nerve is pelvic fracture. Symptoms of femoral nerve damage include impaired movement and/or sensation in the leg, and weakness. If the cause of the femoral nerve dysfunction can be identified and successfully treated, there is a possibility of full recovery.

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