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Peripheral Neuropathy can be cured! Peripheral Neuropathy is a nerve disorder that can often be cured with proper nutrition. There's PROOF that it can be cured. Don't give up hope.

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New study sheds light on Fibromyalgia as a nerve disorder

About The Retreat NZ Need help? Call us! 0800 B SOBER ABOUT US The Retreat exists to help individuals find a new and  healthy way of living without Drugs or Alcohol. We he…

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Vagus Nerve Disorders

Vagus nerve disorders are the problems caused to the 10th cranial nerve. In this article, we will discuss the nerve damage symptoms and therapy, used for relieving this condition.

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Communicating with your Nervous System

In the Kids Cooperate social skills groups, we do many activities focused on bringing somatic awareness, an understanding of how our nervous system works and how to communicate with it.


Split Brain Syndrome is caused either by an underdevelopment or a growth in the corpus collosum. If there is damage to this tissue then the result is that the brain is not able to completely function as a whole. The other possibility is that the corpus collosum was severed in a surgery performed to alleviate some of the symptoms of epilepsy.


Fantastic detailed list of cranial nerves and their functions. Best one I've found. Scroll toward bottom and open table in a separate window. Enjoy :)