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Aromatherapy for chickens! Fresh or dried herbs in your nesting boxes not only work as insecticides, but also have anti-bacterial properties, and can act as natural wormers, anti-parasitics, insecticides, rodent control, stress relievers and laying stimulants. Here is a partial list of common herbs and flowers and their beneficial properties:


They will help a laying hen feel safe and relaxed while she is sitting, and calm a broody hen, as well as repel rodents, flies and other parasites. Broodies have a tendency to get mites and other bugs since they dont get out to dust bathe often, if at all, and the warm, dark space underneath them is a breeding ground for parasites. The herbs safely and naturally avoid that.

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Natural Lice and Mite Prevention: Using Herbs in the Nest Box. Grow a blend of lavender, chamomile, bay leaves, oregano, peppermint, tansy, wormwood, marigold petals, spearmint, & catnip. put in nest boxes. This formula is antibacterial, anti-parasitic, calming, soothing & healing for chickens. Also mint to repel mice!