Celtic Symbol For New Beginnings - This is gonna be my next tattoo.

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A lotus to represent a new beginning, or going through a struggle and emerging from that struggle and becoming a symbol of strength. The sy...

A Phoenix is a symbol for rebirth/new beginnings. If I were to ever get a tattoo, it would be a phoenix.

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Lotus flower tat. We all have something to rise above from..rising from my muddy past to a new beginning.

Symbol for new beginnings! Really like this. Might get a smaller version. Yeah I have been talking about this for 10 years. I'm a chicken ;-)

Lotus çiçeği pislikten çıkmasına rağmen kendini temizler ve sonrasında muhteşem çiçekler açar, saflığı temsil eder

Lotus mandala flower tattoo

new beginnings tattoo

**** tattoo, Viking rune meaning Where there is a will, there is a way-------It is a rune of transitions and reflects the need for us to leave the past and matters of previous situations behind us. It implies mental and emotional strength - the strength needed to achieve completion of a task, phase, or situation - and to move into a new cycle. ****

Lotus Flower — symbolizes strength, positivity & new beginnings.

Next tattoo. Viking runes. Peace, energy/new beginnings, love/joy, strenght and warrior (inner battles). On my inner forearm. Can't wait!

My tattoo meaning new beginnings #mini #tattoo #newbeginings

New beginnings tattoo! i got with my best friend

I need this. Celtic for "new beginnings".

new beginnings symbol

A lotus to represent a new beginning, or a hard time in life that has been overcome.. do the flower in pink

The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and enlightenment; it is the essence of human nature. Lotus tattoos are meant to represent life, new beginnings and the possibility of people growing to change into something beautiful.

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Unalome + lotus Flower// The journey to enlightenment and the opportunity of new...

"So, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings." Nick Frederickson, by Alexandra || Design Love Fest