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My Little Demon | Stickers & Decals

Conjure up the cute and horrifying with your very own set of hell scape demons! Beelzebub, Marchosias, Valefar, Ipos and Furfur can now be summoned at your will with these cute designs to fill honor... | Beautiful Designs on Stickers, Sticker Sheets and Vinyl Stickers with New Items Every Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Easy Returns.


Move Over Uber: Blockchain Technology Can Enable Real Sustainable Sharing Economy Uber and Airbnb the hugely popular marketplaces for taxi-like car rides and hotel-like short-term rentals are usually considered to be successful case stories for the emerging sharing economy. Another buzz phrase people as a services describes the business models of these two companies both of which attracted funding that values them in the tens of billions of dollars and are likely to become the instant…


Paris iPhone & iPod Case

Paris iPhone & iPod Case I'm obsessed with Paris I want this sooo much omg order this for me


I own way too many tarot card decks, but one of my favorites is the Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot from Magic Realist Press in Prague. I have the out-of-print 2004 edition, but now I'm waiting for the "refreshed and gloriously over-the-top" new version, coming out soon. Good grief. How much more "over-the-top" can it be? Here's this tarot deck's version of The Hierophant, a card I hate because it's supposed to be (numerologically) my spirit card. I hate that pompous, traditionalist…


Box shows strong sales growth in third quarter earnings Cloud storage company Box reported third quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday beating Wall Street expectations with a record $102.8 million in revenue a 31% increase year-over-year and above predictions of $100.64 million. Adjusted earnings per share showed a loss of 14 cents better than the negative 19 cents that analysts were forecasting. The stock traded up 1% in initial after-hours trading. With our track record of product…

This six-sided building covered in mirrors is the new home for the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in Ohio by London-based architect Farshid Moussavi... The four-storey building, which opened this weekend, features faceted walls clad in mirrored black stainless steel and replaces the museum’s former address in the loft of an old playhouse complex.


Mersiv revolutionises the way in which we learn languages.Using sights and sounds around it, Mersiv tailors personalised micro language lessons, mimicking the way that we learn languages as infants - by exposing users to a new language within the contex…


Despite $889M In Revenue This Year, No IPO In

Despite $889M In Revenue This Year, No IPO In Spotify’s Cards, But Ek Wouldn’t Say No To More Funding