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As part of Sunday’s new WikiLeaks drop, an email chain shows that immediately upon receiving the news that the gunman responsible for the San Bernardino terrorist shooting that left 14 people dead and 22 injured had an Islamic name, top Clinton officials were unhappy and Hillary Clinton chairman John Podesta suggested it would be “better” if a person with an American name had done the shooting.


Fundamentalist Christians ignore the old testament until they want to persecute a minority group then they can't stop quoting from it. #old covenant vs new covenant

Omg when I first met the new Jason I was so confused who he was and everyone was calling him Jason and Ali's brother and I was so confused cause I was like didn't you have dark hair and for the longest time I could not LET IT GO


Lol apparently the people with these stupid yard signs do. I remember where you all live thanks for advertising I'm surrounded by idiots not new news-----Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump