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Narcissists Force Co-Dependent Relationships

I'm starting over. A new pattern of thoughts. A new wave of emotions. A new connection to the world. A new belief system in myself. (scheduled via

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Inspirational Quotes About Moving On

Every year, this season, this time, I feel happy, and I pay for it. Something always challenges me, my world turns upside down and I am faced with my own fears. Ahh, but othis year is different. I've over come my fears but live everyday in despair. This year it has not ended. And I continue my search for "happy". Only I never really want to find it, since it will just hide away again.

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Positive words to uplift and inspire. Especially since I'm facing the beginning of the rest of MY new life. The old book is closed and beginning the new one. Time for me to do me.

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Giveaway: Win the Ultimate Getaway!

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When you feel awkward and out of place

WHEN YOU FEEL AWKWARD AND OUT OF PLACE. But then I remembered my new mantra of fully embracing life, so I forced myself to tune out the voices of insecurity and doubt in my head telling me all sorts of lies about I didn’t fit in this group or that I was an outsider. Instead, I decided to look for someone to bless and encourage.

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19 Profound John Green Quotes That Will Inspire You

❥ and now I'll do what's best for me...needs to be my motto for 2013... start this new job(it's what's best for me I don't have time to worry about others), stop letting people walk all over me, continue fallin in love with the best guy ever!! :)