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38 Wonderful Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

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What a wonderful New Year's present from somebody.

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2017 is my year and I will concentrate on me! I've wasted too much time on others when it's not returned. New year brand new me!!!!

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This "rah rah sis boom bah" approach isn't really for me, but I decided WTF and pinned it for all of you who like this kind of "dream it, be it" positivity.

Yesssss!! Love thisss! Could me new moto in lfe Yah me too girl after being fucked over by my husband i agree

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I won't let anyone guilt trip me for expecting to be treated with respect, consideration and compassion.

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There will always be areas for improvement. Always striving to be better today than yesterday. Read More--->

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Narcissists Force Co-Dependent Relationships

Happy New Year guys! Hope 2014 will be even better than the previous year. We have reached 10000 hits in the beginning of this year, so thats a great start fore our blog. I am so grateful for each and one of you! Thank you so much for reading.          

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