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New Milton Town

Kellogg's van for A.H. Peters & Co. at Sydney University / Milton Kent. From the collections of the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales Information about this photograph:


Master Plan For Åndalsnes / these movable houses are part of architecture firm Jågnefålt Milton's proposal for a Norwegian city. the whole project is definitely worth a look!

from the Guardian

How cities grow: the age of houses – mapped

The different patterns of growth experienced by cities such as London, Coventry and Milton Keynes are neatly shown in a these new maps


Self-driving cars hit Great Britain's roads for the first time - Roadshow Roadshow News Car Industry Self-driving cars hit Great Britains roads for the first time Enlarge Image Dont expect this car to end up testing on motorways its top speed is just 15 mph. RDM Group Only a handful of countries have seen autonomous cars on their roads and now Great Britain can add its name to that list. The…