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Can't wait to see their evolutionary forms. I like Litten best, followed by Popplio (reminds me of Stefano from Madagascar 3 xD) and Rowlet (rhymes with "Toe-let" or "Cow-let?")...but all three are adorable. Not the most original designs, sure...we've got a number of cat/feline, owl/bird, and seal/pinniped Pokemon already. I'm sure they could've thought of a few species that have yet to be Pokefied. But ah, well. They're cute. Guess I know what I'll probably be getting my brother for…

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Pikachu art

For our beginning of the year project, I had students create a NEW Pokemon creature. Then I hung up all of them outside of the art room except one from each class. I hid those throughout the school and students could hunt for them like in the game, 'Pokemon Go.' Most participated during our Curriculum Night (aka Open House). I still have parents and staff emailing me about how much they loved it and their kids loved it. :)