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Nest—a self-programming thermostat that learns your temperature preferences and lets you program it from your phone.

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Another Way to Hide A Thermostat

basically add a ledge or blocking for hinges to a photo frame... or perhaps just hang the frame more traditionally? though i suppose the hinges give easier accessibility, particular if reaching over another piece of furniture... say, a couch?

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Hive: The Smart Home Just Got Smarter

The multi-tasking Hive might be the only device you'll need: from security to audio to thermostat.

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How to install a Nest Thermostat

Francis Gaetani is the Marketing Manager at Gaetani Associates. Francis Gaetani lives and works in Sutton, MA.

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$500 Makeover Ideas

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Honeywell’s new HomeKit and Alexa

Honeywell’s been doing its thing for well over a century now, with its thermostatic roots stretching back even further to the 19th century days of coal..

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The Nest Thermostat's Improved Features

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Nest's learning thermostat now comes in white, black, and copper

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The heat is on: Honeywell is finally challenging the Nest thermostat

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