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New Year Poem

O.K. parents from a teachers perspective. We are just as excited, scared, nervous, and anxious to begin a new school year also. We love your children as if they were our own (sometimes they are, or become family!) So we feel your feelings of joy, concern, sadness, excitement, and worry when you leave your child at our door. So let's work together and make this a successful year! I promise to love your child, wipe away tears, give hugs when needed and calm those fears!


Do you teach poetry in your primary classroom? We read and learn a poem of the week and complete tons of activities to help build fluency and word knowledge. Children love to read these weekly poems and yours will too! Check out this post and grab a few FREE poems for your classroom.


Here is one New Year's poem freebie that's part of my January Poems and Songs Packet. In the packet, there are a total of 25 poems/songs/fingerplay...