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(18) News about tom holland on Twitter

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Robin Lord Taylor

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I agree with the second person.

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Oh god...... all the old gym leaders are comin for us guys.......

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For me I feel like it's the opposite

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I legit snorted when I saw this I almost never actually laugh at stuff

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Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

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I actually lost to Hau once. He was all like "Aw man, good try though, that was fun!" or something and we just went on our merry way. I thought I'd have to try to beat him again. Guess not.

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やっぱりサンタさんを信じちゃいそうな兼さんって可愛い : とうらぶnews【刀剣乱舞まとめ】

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I'm 100% sure Scott Had NO FUCKING IDEA. And this is hilarious because you know it's true.

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