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August 22, 1988 – The Quayle Factor – Past Daily –   August 22, 1988 - CBS World News Roundup - Gordon Skene Sound Collection - August 22, 1988 - ironically also a Monday. News from Poland was looking ominous as some 70,000 workers went on strike. The strike took place at the Gdansk Shipyard, the place the Solidarity Movement began some 8 years earlier... #agentorange #antiwarmovement


BBC News on Instagram: “6 OCT: How do you treat a bear with a sore tooth? Watch how one dentist gave two bears from Poznan zoo in Poland dental treatment. Find out more: #Bears #Animals #Dentist #Zoo #Poland #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews 🐻”

Facebook tests Snapchat Stories clone for Messenger Read more Technology News Here --> Facebook is mimicking one of Snapchat's most popular features Snapchat Stories in its Messenger chat app. The new feature called "Messenger Day" launched exclusively in Poland today. Snapchat Stories for those unfamiliar is a feature that lets users share photos videos and drawings in a timeline that disappears after 24 hours. According to TechCrunch Messenger Day works… is a private TV station from Poland. It broadcasts local, regional and European news available for viewing in cable networks in Silesia and through the internet.

Mam nadzieję że tak się stanie. Source: Nasz Dziennik Useful words and phrases: Mam nadzieję że | I hope that tak się stanie.| this will happen. Notes: The infinitive of the verb stanie is stać. It is a perfective verb in the third person future tense. A perfective verb is a verb that describes a completed action. For an uncompleted action use the imperfective pairing stawać. The idiom mieć nadzieję means I have hope. Nadzieję is the noun and mieć is the verb. The noun nadzieja then…

Sfera TV Sfera TV is a local cable television station from Poland, covering a wide range of news, focusing not only on local, but also on national, international and European Affairs.


Succesvolle CEO Fiat Auto Poland Enrico Pavoni overleden

Succesvolle CEO Fiat Auto Poland Enrico Pavoni overleden | Auto Edizione

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Polish boy, 11, finds 'leave EU' card

Matteus, 11, from Poland, found a card suggesting his family were "vermin" and that they should "go home".