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Wife Children of Ex-Chief Justice Uwais' Son Who Joined ISIS Detained on Return to Nigeria from Syria The operatives of Department of State Security (DSS) has detained the first wife of a son of former Chief Justice who was killed by US forces in Syria after allegedly joining ISIS. The first wife of Ibrahim Uwais a son of former Chief Justice Mohammed Uwais who was killed near Aleppo Syria by US forces has been detained by agents of the Department of State Security (DSS) after she and her…

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Rare Good News from Syria About the Fate of an Abducted Catholic Priest -

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Top News: "SYRIA: US Embraces Diplomacy, Russian Jets Pound Aleppo" - - "They are shelling the old city heavily after another failed attempt to gain ground," said Abu Hamam, a rebel from the Failaq al-Sham group. on Politicoscope -

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Julian Assange: Hacked Emails Include Info On Hillary's Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS, in Syria

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Rescue Worker Cries as He Pulls Baby Alive From Rubble in Syria - ABC News

Celebrity Carey Mulligan urges action from British government over Syrian war victims, #actress #Aleppo #bombardment #CareyMulligan #celeb #celebrity #English #ISIS #London. #news #politics #protest #Syria #Syrian

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Top News: "SYRIA: Assad Forces Recaptured Territory From Insurgents" - - President Bashar al-Assad's forces, backed by Russian air power and Iranian, Lebanese and Iraqi fighters on the ground, hold the upper hand in Aleppo. on Politicoscope -

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In reading this verse, my heart and my thoughts immediately go to the horrific and ceaseless news bombarding us recently from Syria, and the Middle East

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UN rights chief warns Russia over Syria raids - News from Al Jazeera..SEP16

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Захарова рассказала, что будет в случае прямой агрессии США против Дамаска

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Официальный представитель МИД РФ Мария Захарова во время программы "Право знать!" на телеканале "ТВ Центр" рассказала о том, что будет в Сирии и во всем регионе в случае прямой агрессии США в отношении официального Дамаска и сирийской армии.