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(Continued) I run away into the woods clutching my sword. There would be a lot of monsters. I've never fought out of water so this'll be weird... *present day* I sit at the beach looking at the moon. I've made mistakes. I'm not proud of some of them. But I will NEVER meet my brother... NEVER


See the moon phases, and the difference between a waxing and waning crescent or gibbous moon, in this infographic about the lunar cycle each month. <a href="">See the full infographic</a>.

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Does the Moon Rise and Set? and Answers to other Pressing Questions about the Moon

See how the phases of Earth's moon work, from the full moon to the new moon and everything in between in this infographic. The moon is illuminated by light from the sun, which observers on Earth see reflected off the lunar surface. As the m...


#NewMoon Mantra: I am restored by sacred cosmic vibration. I am divinely protected. I relinquish the weight of that which no longer serves me. My spirit is awake. My path is revealed. I am open to receive.


“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.” skeletalroses: Dark Cat by ~Ciaetyn


To Bring About Change in Oneself: A Bowl Some Salt A Bag of Tea Lights On the night of the Full Moon Fill the bowl with Salt. Light the tea-lite and place in the bowl visualizing your old self shedding it’s skin after a moment say out loud:I am the light of each new day I have the power to find my way By candle flame By salt of earth Bring to me My soul’s rebirth Repeat each morning with a new tea-lite until the next Full Moon Leaving the tea-light in a safe place to burn out


This image of the full moon was taken by Alamelu Sundaramoorthy from Portland, Ore. on July 3, 2012. Credit: Alamelu Sundaramoorthy

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Dancin' in the moonlight everybody was feeling warm and right such a fine and natural sight..