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1 September 2016 — Annular Solar Eclipse This eclipse is currently in progress Day and Night Map shows where eclipse is currently visible. Eclipse Calculator to tell if and when this eclipse is visible in your location. The annular solar eclipse will be visible from Madagascar and locations in Central Africa. The Moon's shadow will also cross parts of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. For most viewers in Africa, the eclipse will be a partial solar eclipse. The eclipse will begin at 06:13 UTC

Composite Image of the Moon Taken from 38 Photos Reveals Solar Corona During a Total Solar Eclipse


A New Prediction For The End Of The World Has Been Released...Unsettling

According to NASA, the next scheduled solar eclipse will occur on August 21…

Total solar eclipse, left, and the mythical woman of the apocalypse, right ~ A TOTAL solar eclipse will plunge Britain and America into darkness - and bring on the end of the world next year. Or so it's claimed by one group of hardcore Christians, who believe they will soon be raptured into heaven. And in their bid to prove it, they've rallied a series of bizarre calculations to their cause.

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New Moon Rituals

Eclipse from 35,000 feet How awesome! GOD'S Creation!!

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The Next Big Solar Eclipse Is A Year Away But People Are Already Planning A Party

The Next Big Solar Eclipse Is A Year Away But People Are Already Planning A…