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we always talk about harry rustling his hair, but can we talk about naill doing it?! He looks Darn good. I love him <3


oh god here comes the feels. it's a severe case guys, i may not make it through this time.


Onece again my concert they put on an awsome show plus it was my first concert and i was crying through the whole night but i was so dehydrated that no tears were coming but i was cying and my knees where so wobbly i still cant believe in was in the same room as niall horan i still dont belive i was i just keep thinking i was wachting it on my kindle but it was much more i cant describe how awsome itvwas considering i got to take my best friend


Before the braces, the quiff hair, seriously though I bet 90% of you never liked him till he started wearing tank tops and being more confident and most of you only like him for his new looks, what about his pre-braces smile? Or his amazingly beautiful voice? His contagious laugh? Infectious humour, charm and personality? Unlike most people I've loved him from the start and I will till the end... If u couldnt say his name right at first then thats not the beginning ... I wanna see from day 1…

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Which One Direction member is your future husband?

I got Niall Horan:because you look cute together.Just wait for him and don't lose hope he''ll follow you soon on Twitter