Non au Grand Canal du Nicaragua ! | Photomontage : un porte conteneurs vue de face se dirige vers nous en pulvérisant la forêt tropicale

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Scientists question rush to build Nicaragua canal

"The Forum" February 1894. Antique Periodicalwith articles on Unemployment, the Hawaiian Controversy, the Nicaragua Canal, Religion in Schools, Gold Standard. Articles by Woodrow Wilson, and Abbott Lyman. Interesting Advertising & more. For sale by Professor Booknoodle. $32.00 USD

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Many critics thought construction of a canal across Nicaragua never would begin. Now that it’s about to, they ask how it will end—and some are asking for guns to stop it.

February 5, 1900: Hay‐Pauncefote Treaty - The United States and Great Britain sign the Hay‐Pauncefote Treaty, giving the United States the right to build a canal in Nicaragua but not to fortify it.

A late-afternoon sun illuminates part of the Brito Inlet, Dec. 26, 2013, which Nicaragua says is the likely Pacific Coast outlet of a planned interoceanic canal to rival that of Panama.

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