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Nice Comments

Goodnight lovelies ❤️ leave me some nice notifications to wake up to. Also, Comment some ideas for any boards you would like to see me make. I'm going to be on a lot more so stay tuned


Hey, friends! A couple of things I've been wanting to tell you... First, thanks for following along here, leaving such nice comments, and being a huge source of encouragement. I really love this community. I love sharing the things I'm working on, the things I'm thinking about, and documenting the people and places and things that give me life. My hope is that I can bring just a little bit of beauty into your world. Thanks for letting me do that! Second, I've recently found myself in some…


"Thank you all for the very nice comments on Clawdeen when I posted her! I feel very awkward that I don’t know how to respond to reblogs without reblogging my own post a bunch of times. @oak23, I had..."


Last week I shared an image of Pittsburgh and received some nice comments. So here is another one shot from the top of Schenley oval in the park adjacent to to Oakland. This one was shot with a tel…

Thank you to all those who left nice comments about the ruffled bloomers last month.  Here, at last, are some instructions! ...