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Giggling Nigel Farage delighted at prospect of President Trump

Nigel Farage hailed Donald Trump's 'courage' today as he caught the first plane to America this morning to congratulate his Republican ally following his emphatic election victory.


How Nigel Farage's prediction of EU referendum defeat 'helped make some Brexit backers a lot of money'

Meddling Barack Obama BOOSTS numbers wanting to LEAVE EU, poll finds


Farage: Remaining in the EU is a death sentence for Britain’s steel industry


Farage: If Brexit isn’t delivered I’ll RETURN and DO IT MYSELF

If Brexit isn't delivered - NIGEL Farage has hinted he may return as Ukip leader and deliver Brexit himself if Theresa May and her government aren’t up to the job.


Nigel Farage jeered and booed as he tells MEPs they are 'in denial' over Brexit

#Farage jeered and booed as he tells #European #Parliament it is "in denial"...

'David Cameron is LYING to voters about Turkey joining EU' claims Nigel Farage

'David Cameron is LYING to voters about Turkey joining EU claims Nigel Farage - Farage and Cameron


Why Brexit is good - fact. Nope. Most of those are financial products based in having the same regulations as the EU and being a HQ for international business. Which we won't be if we leave the EU. Contextual lies and half truths

'Schengen MUST go' Nigel Farage fumes after Berlin terrorist shot dead in Italy

THE Schengen zone must be abolished Nigel Farage has said, hours after the Berlin terror attack suspect was shot dead in Italy.