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Nigeria Daily Newspapers

A Nigerian newspaper and Online version of the Punch, a daily publication in Nigeria covering Niger delta, North, West, general national news, politics, business, energy, sports, entertainment, fashion,lifestyle human interest stories, etc

PAHEK was incorporated in 1987 to provide security and security related services to corporate and individual clients within Nigeria. Our brand offer is to help clients abate business, cultural and operational risks in a challenging national and regional climate. Email: Telephone: 234-1-7744774 Website -


Web edition of the print newspaper. republished a Daily Champion (Lagos) January 16, 2008 article stating that one of the publisher's Directors had been arrested on charges of terrorism. Published by Media Trust Nigeria Ltd. Began publication January 2001. [KF]

"The Weekly Trust and Daily Trust are... published by Media Trust Nigeria, Limited, an Abuja-based integrated marketing and communications outfit." The Weekly Trust began publication March 1998. [KF]

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Akure, Ondo State

Me and other technicians at Akure (Nigeria) - Article on Sunshine Daily Watch Newspaper - 28th of January 2010 #OndoState #SunshineState #Akure #Nigeria #CelebrityForOneDay #SunshineDailyWatchNewspaper #ConstructionProject #Engineering #Architecture #planning #projectmanagement #myfirstinternationalexperience#jobexperience #Africa #bigprojects #businessman #projects #progetti #ingegnere #ingegnerecivile #ingegneria

NCC to sanction 13 telecom firms over unsolicited SMS Telecom About 13 telecoms operators may face sanctions over unsolicited telemarketing and for failing to comply with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) order on the do-not-disturb (DND) directive issued to them on April 20 2016. They have however been given another one-week ultimatum from Monday November 14 2016 to remedy the situation or face the sanctions. The network operators include Airtel Network Limited MTN Nigeria…

Terrorist Bombings: Paradise or Torment? It has become commonplace to open the daily newspaper and read of the latest bombing perpetrated by Muslim terrorists around the world. It may be Pakistan (as it was a couple days ago), or France, Spain, Russia, the UK, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Turkey, or America. We never know …