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Wiki Warm Springs, Yankari National Park, Nigeria--yes, we did swim with the baboons in the trees above us!


wespendief /Pernis apivorus Wespendieven komen in de zomer in een groot deel van Europa voor, waaronder in Nederland en België. Uitzonderingen zijn het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Spanje en de Scandinavische kust. De vogel overwintert in West-Afrika, met name in Nigeria.


Safou also called atanga or butter fruit is a fruit tree native to Africa. Has a rich buttery pulp that smells like citrus and has a slight acidic taste.


The Ashanti live in central Ghana in western Africa approximately 300km. away from the coast. The Ashanti are a major ethnic group of the Akans in Ghana, a fairly new nation, barely more than 50 years old. Ghana, previously the Gold Coast, was a British colony until 1957. It is now politically separated into four main parts. Ashanti is in the center and Kumasi is the capital.


Sungbo's Eredo is a system of defensive walls and ditches that is located to the southwest of the Yoruba town of Ijebu Ode in Ogun State, southwest Nigeria (6.78700°N 3.87488°E). It was built in honour of the Ijebu noblewoman Oloye Bilikisu Sungbo. Wiki