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Nigerian food cooking

African Chicken Stew

Quick and Easy Fragrant African Chicken Stew with Garlic, Onions and Spices. A Great Weeknight meal.


23 Nigerian Foods The Whole World Should Know And Love

The time honoured tradition of adding tomato and onion rings to Jollof rice. No caption needed. #food52 kind of picture. It just stares back at you. Getting ready for Kent with a tray of assorted peppered meats, packs of Moin Moin, squishy yam pottage, Efo Riro and Scaries Ata din din. When people refuse to invite you to their 9ja party 😂😂😂. Keep Calm and Email Dunni. We will show them 😂😂. I will bring the party experience to your doorstep. #thedooneyskitchenexperience…


Nigerian fried rice at its finest. Simple easy to execute recipe.


Akara is a very versatile dish that can be eaten with anything from bread to custard (or ogi/pap). Easy to make


Coconut Rice (Nigerian Style)

Coconut Rice (Nigerian Style) from I love this was always something that we ate back home (Nigeria). I made the recipe to be very spicy but feel free to use half of the pepper or no pepper at all if you are not used to spicy foods