Just like when you and your fiance are out to dinner on your Friday date night, tipping is completely up to your discretion. Well the same goes for your wedding. While there are guidelines that specific vendors expect or don't expect, just as 15-20% is "expected" at a restaurant, nothing is required. So before you dive into this nifty diagram, please read the next couple of definitions (it'll only take 2 minutes) so you understand what we mean by "required" and "not ...

IF your wedding is not at night, but it will get dark during the reception, GET THIS PHOTO before you leave!!!!

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8 things that every bride should do the night before the wedding!

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Wedding rehearsal, the night before the big day! #WeddingWednesday ¡Cena de ensayo, la noche antes del gran día! #MiércolesDeBoda

10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding....Doing ALL of these!! especially number 7. A letter for my soon to be husband, delivered to him the morning of our wedding <3

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"Some men you know are Southern before they ever say a word. They remind you of something good, picnics or carrying sparklers around at night. Southern men will hold doors open for you, they’ll hold you after you yell at them, and they’ll hold onto their pride no matter what. Be careful what they tell you, though. They have a way of making you believe anything, because they say it that way." #SarahAddisonAllen

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